The Anatomy of Bitcoin

An open-source, community funded, hyper-realism film, taking the viewer on a visual understanding of the mechanisms that make Bitcoin work.

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Research Projects

Inscribed data

White Circle

1111 1111, FF, TRUE, VALUE, SAT
Visual Matrix

Energy, Information, Time, Value

Illustrated Sequence

Timeline of Money

Lightning Game

Chain Duel


What does Bitcoin Look Like?

About the film

A documental and comprehensive tour through the bitcoin protocol. This production will evolve in the upmost openness to allow spontaneous contributions: creative, monetary, or management.

The main audience for this film are bitcoiners, appealing to their sense of elevation. Inviting any one interested to participate in the first community effort in the representation of the metaphysical in bitcoin.

To stay true to the bitcoin protocol, and deliver the best and most accurate representation, the project will let it self be guided by the network rules themselves. All visual elements should have a distinct purpose and avoid ambiguity and redundancy as much as possible.

The narrative will guide the user through all aspects of bitcoin, from network configurations, to the way bits are sorted in signatures.

Looking for contributors in the community that can add value to the film by adding their own interests and skills to the project. If successful, this film will help bitcoiners visualize and understand each component and their function.

Similar attempts have been successful at illustrating the universe in relation to the human scale. This film aims at representing bitcoin with the same precision.

Giulio Romano, The Fall of the Giants (1532-1534)

Unknown artist, Flammarion engraving (1888)

Kees Boeke, Cosmic View: The Universe in 40 Jumps (1957)

Charles and Ray Eames, Powers of Ten (1977)

David S. Goodsell, Molecular Landscapes: Zika Virus (2016)

Various authors, Atomic of individual nanocrystals (2020)

The script and storyboards

Visualizing the story, the mechanisms, and the concepts behind the bitcoin protocol

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Data Sources

Behind the Scenes

block times

Measuring the time between blocks

3D bits

Building the genisis block with bits

Elliptic curve used in bitcoin

Mapping the elliptic curve

Elliptic curve used in bitcoin


Parcial mapping of clear net and TOR bitcoin nodes.

Parcial mapping of clear net and TOR bitcoin nodes. Network data from @port8333.